BT Mon: no more hump [Observed: 13, 15 Dec 2006]
At the end of 2005, I observed this eclipsing cataclysmic system with a hump. This hump is no longer present.

BT Mon: eclipser with a hump [Observed: 26 Oct, 1 Nov, 24 Dec 2005, 19 Jan 2006]
Light curves of this cataclysmic star are presented. They show the eclipse with a large hump. They are modelled with BinaryMaker3.

V442 Oph [Observed: 2, 8, 18, 25 June, 5, 16, 17 July, 5 August 2005]
Time-series for this anti-dwarf nova are presented.

SW Sex observation and BinaryMaker3 model [Observations: 10, 11, 14, 15 January 2005]
SW Sex is an accreting binary with deep, non symmetrical eclipses. The observations are modelled with the BinaryMaker3 program.