KZ Hya: a pulsating binary (improved) [Observed: 9 Feb, 11, 14 March, 19 Apr 2007]
This pulsating star is in a binary system with an 8-yr orbital period. The times of maximum are compared with an improved ephemeris and the parameters of the binary are derived.

KZ Hya: a pulsating binary [Observed: 23, 24 Dec 2005, 25 Jan, 13 Mar, 7 Apr 2006]
Time-series of this pulsating SXPHE star in a binary system are presented and compared with other observations.

KZ Hya time keeping [Observations: 25, 27 April, 18, 19 May 2004]
Three pulses are observed for this SX Phe pulsating star. They are 29 mn late from the 29 yr old GCVS ephemeris.