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2004 PT42, a speedy asteroid

Observations: 14-15 August 2004

Updated: 1 Nov 2004

2004 PT42 is an asteroid with a period of revolution around the Sun of P=2.9 yr and an orbit quite eccentric (e=0.167) and inclined (i=48.9). Its absolute magnitude (magnitude when the object is 1 au from the Sun and from Earth) is H=16.6 which suggests a size of about 1 km.

The orbit computed from the JPL.

Mid August 2004 it passed near Earth with an apparent velocity of 8 /day and a magnitude of 13. It was observed with a 203 mm SCT and a SBIG ST7E camera.

24 minutes of observation: Animation made of 9 images taken on 15 August 2004 between 00:23:00 TU and 00:47:13 TU (mid-exposure times). The image width is 20'.

Astrometric and photometric data (in the MPC New Format) are here.

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