NGC5584 and SN2007af [Observed: 11 Mar 2007]
An image of the spiral galaxy NGC5584 with its bright supernova SN2007af obtained with a 20cm telescope is presented.

Mach's Principle and Evolution of the Universe []
Within the framework of Mach's principle and of D.W. Sciama's physical interpretation of it, a quantitative evaluation of the inertial mass as a function of the density of the universe and of the epoch is obtained. The calculation is somewhat similar to the solution of Olbers's paradox. The result shows that the inertial mass varies as the universe expands except for a flat, Euclidean universe. This leads to insights on the Principle of Equivalence.

GRB060403: Search for an optical transient [Observed: 4 April 2006]
No optical counterpart for this gamma ray burst, down to mag 17.2, 14.9 hours after the event.

GRB041211: Search for an optical transient [Observation: 11 Dec 2004]
10 hours after the burst, no optical counterpart down to mag 17.8.

GRB 030913 []
Analysis of images of GRB 030913, with a negative result.