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NGC5584 and SN2007af

Observed: 11 Mar 2007

M. Bonnardeau
10 Apr 2007


An image of the spiral galaxy NGC5584 with its bright supernova SN2007af obtained with a 20cm telescope is presented.


The supernova SN2007af was discovered by K. Itagaki on 1 March 2007 in NGC5584 (CBET 863 and IAUC 8817). This is the second supernova in this galaxy since 1996 (the previous one was SN1996aq). Spectroscopic observations of SN2007af show that it is a type Ia supernova (CBET 865), that is a binary system with one component that blows up after accreting enough material.

NGC5584 has a velocity of 1641km/s. This implies a distance of about 22Mpc or 70Mlyr.


I observed this supernova near maximum with a 203mm SC f/6.3 telescope and a ST7E camera (KAF401E CCD):

Processing with MaximDL: Stack of 40 200s exposure images with bicubic resampling. No binning. FFT filter high-pass mild (applied twice), flatten background.


International Supernova Network.

The CfA catalog of supernovae.

Amateur spectroscopy at http://astro2a.mysite.orange.co.uk/spectra_31.htm.

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