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Occultation by Lucina

Observed: 30 Nov 2016

Michel Bonnardeau
13 Jan 2017
corrected 10 Apr 2017 (use of speed of asteroid's shadow)
web published 26 Sep 2017


146 Lucina was observed to occult TYC 1898-02675-1 on 2016 Nov 30. The occultation duration was 9.03±0.42s.

Prediction and observation

Prediction from Steve Preston's Website.

Report sent to E. Frappa who forwarded it to Planoccult (may not be on-line).

Based on the orbital period of 4.5 yr, the fact that the orbit is nearly circular, the geocentric distance of 1.972 AU, the velocity of the asteroid's shadow at Earth location is 13.1 km/s. The speed of asteroid's shadow on Earth surface (taking into account its motion) is given on S. Preston's website as 10.0055 km/s. The dimension of the shadow that flied over my location was then 90 km.

The result from Euraster is here.

Technical notes

Occultation timing.

Telescope and camera configuration.

Computer and software configuration.

Data processing.

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