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NSV 02026

Observed: 10, 11, 12, 19 Feb, 5, 12 Mar 2015

Michel Bonnardeau
13 Feb 2015
Updated 20 Feb, 6, 13 Mar 2015


Photometric observations of NSV 02026, a candidate UGSU, are presented.


According to the BAAVSS mailing list, in a message on 9 Feb 2015, NSV02026 is an UG and may be an UGSU cataclysmics.


The observations were carried out with a 203 mm f/6.3 SC telescope, a Clear filter, and a SBIG ST7E camera (KAF401E CCD). The exposure durations were 60s and 200s. A total of 332 usable images were obtained.

For the differential photometry, the comparison star is GSC 1305-1012, with a Rc magnitude of 13.228, computed from the r' magnitude of the CMC14 catalog and the 2MASS magnitudes, owing to the transformations of Bilir et al (2008) and Smith et al (2002). The unfiltered magnitude is taken as the Rc magnitude, for the mostly red sensitive CCD.

The light curves are:

Red: NSV 02026, Blue: the check star GSC 1305-978 shifted by +0.5 mag. The error bars are +/- the 1 sigma statistical uncertainties. Exposure duration 60s.

The check star is shifted by +0.7 mag.

The check star is shifted by +1.1 mag. The sky was not very good. Exposure duration 60s.

On 19 Feb 2015, at JD 2,457,073.25709, observed at 15.109 +/- 0.044 mag. Exposure duration 200s.

New light curve:

The check star is shifted by +2.4mag. Poor sky conditions. Exposure duration 200s.

On 12 Mar 2015, at JD 2,457,094.27383, observed at 17.374 +/- 0.505 mag.


Bilir S. et al (2008) MNRAS 384 1178.

Smith J.A. et al (2002) AJ 123 2121.

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