MBCAA Observatory

Software and computer configuration A5818

Creation: 18 Aug 2005
Revised 26 May 2006

Previous configuration A4C02.


AstroMBversion 2.6xInteractive and robotic observations.
Automatic astrometry and photometry
ASCOM Platform 4.1 Interface with telescope, focuser, filter wheel
RoboFocusversion 4.1.0Interface with focuser (ASCOM).
Temperature compensation not used
Maxim DLversion 3.22Interface with camera and filterwheel.
Image reduction (bias, dark, flat)
CCDSoft V5version 5.00.152Interface with camera and filterwheel.
Image reduction (bias, dark, flat).
No ASCOM interface.
FocusMaxversion 3.2.1Automatic focusing
PoleAlignMax (PAM)version 2.0.1Help for telescope alignement
Mathcad2001 ProfessionnelData analysis

  • AstroMB drives the telescope via ASCOM. It communicates with Maxim DL via a Microsoft script to make images.
  • ASCOM Dome Controller allows the telescope interface to be shared by AstroMB, Maxim DL and PoleAlignMax (no dome is used).
  • FocusMax drives the focuser via the RoboFocus software. It communicates with Maxim DL to make images.
  • Maxim DL drives the camera and the filter wheel. It communicates with the telescope via the ASCOM interface (getting the celestial coordinates, centering the images).
  • CCDSoft V5, occasionally, in place of Maxim DL for the same use. With my setup, it does not communicate with the telescope (no ASCOM).
  • PoleAlignMax communicates with Maxim DL to make images and to solve the astrometry (PinPoint LE) and drives the telescope via ASCOM.

  • Computers

  • The computer is a laptop running Windows XP.
  • USB1 interface: 5m USB cable, USB hub: 3 cables each with a RS232 converter and RS232 cables connected to the telescope, filter wheel, focuser; 5m USB cable with a webcam (occasionally).
  • Parallel interface to the camera.
  • Sometimes a second computer on a network with the first one. The first computer is used then for robotic observations, write the results in the AstroMB database, which is accessed from the second computer for further analysis.
  • Next configuration A7202.

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