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17 Sept 2004: TY PsA superoutburst

Observations: Sept ,Oct 2004

Michel Bonnardeau
Updated: 24 January 2005


TY PsA was 4 magnitudes brighter than usual in September 2004.


17 September 2004: During a robotic search for variables and intruders, the cataclysmic star TY PsA was detected as very bright. Its Rc magnitude was about 12.2 (with USNO-A2.0 as the COMP).

TY PsA is a SU UMa dwarf nova with an orbital period of 2.02 hours. It can show outbursts, superoutbursts and superhumps. The interval between outbursts is 30-50d, between superoutbursts 202d with a superoutburst magnitude of 12 (Ritter Kolb (2003))

Time serie observations were tried but the object was very low over the horizon (air mass > 4), could not be observed for a long time, and the weather was very bad. Some results are here.

1 October 2004: TY PsA was back in quiescence. Its Rc magnitude was 16.4.

Animation from an image on 17 Sept and an image on 1 Oct. The telescope is a 203mm SCT with a Rc filter and a SBIG STE7 (KAF401E CCD) camera. Each exposure is 1 minute. The COMP star has a yellow circle, TY Psa has a magenta circle and K_TY-PsA is the check star.


H. Ritter, U. Kolb (2003) Catalogue of cataclysmic binaries, low-mass X-ray binaries and related objects VizieR V/113A

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