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Version 1.1

M. Bonnardeau
28 May 2006
Updated 30 May 2006 (computation of the errors)

2009: ugriz2UBVRI is deprecated. It is replaced by AstroMB (version 2.8*) with more transformations.


ugriz2UBVRI is a freeware to transform SDSS u'g'r'i'z' magnitudes into Johnson-Cousins UBVRcIc magnitudes.


The UBVRcIc magnitudes do not depend upon the z' magnitude.

The ugriz2UBVRI program uses the transformations of Smith et al (2002).

The program runs under Microsoft Windows. It can be downloaded from HERE (36k).

If you get an error message telling MFC42.DLL is missing, you may download the zip file HERE (476k). Unzip it: a ugriz directory is created with the ugriz2UBVRI.exe file and the DLL.

There is no install and your registers or system files are not modified. When you no longer need the program, just delete it.


Smith J.A. et al (2002) AJ 123 2121

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