MBCAA Observatory

Telescope and camera configuration A5817

Creation: 17 Aug 2005

Previous configuration A4C02.

  • Telescope: Meade LX200 Classic 203mm f/6.3.
  • Camera: SBIG ST7E (and Philips TouCam Pro webcam).
  • Focuser: RoboFocus to drive the LX200 focus knob, with homemade braket.
  • Filter wheel: True Technology Custom Wheel wide (with mirror for eyepiece).
  • Filter holder with drawers: from Gerd Neumann. I use it to insert a grating for very low resolution spectroscopy experiments.
  • Counterweight: 2x1.5 kg on piggyback mounts, long thick foam dewshield with an homemade ring of counterweights, 0.7 kg on the left arm of the mount with also an homemade ring of counterweights.

  • Telescope theoretical resolution at 700nm0.73 "
    ST7E KAF401Echip size6.89x4.59 mm
    765x510 pixels
    pixel size9x9 microns
    1.38 "
    ST7E TC211chip size2.64x2.64 mm
    192x164 pixels
    pixel size13.75x16 microns
    2.11x2.46 "
    TouCam pixel size 5.6x5.6 microns

    Next configuration A7202.

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