GSC 318-805 / V551 Vir: a Blazhko star [Observed: 42 sessions from 2009 to 2015]
Photometric observations of the RR Lyrae star GSC 318-905/V551 Vir are presented and analyzed. They show a Blazhko modulation with a period of 53.9 days and evidence for irregularities. An animation showing the Blazhko modulation is presented.

AR Ser: photometric observations of a Blazhko star [Observed: 2010-2014]
Photometric observations in 2010-2014 of the RR Lyrae star AR Serpentis are presented and analyzed. Two Blazhko modulations of comparable amplitude are detected, with the periods 89 and 108 days, and with evidence for irregularities.

KV Cnc []
Photometric observations of this Blazhko star are presented and analyzed.

RV Cet: a Blazhko pulsating star [Observed: 26 sessions in 2009-2011]
Photometry observations of this RRAB pulsating star are presented, with a GIF animation showing the Blazhko modulation.

EH Lib regular pulses [Observations: April-May 2004, March-April 2005]
The pulsating star EH Lib was observed and 15 pulses were measured. They are in phase with the 55-year old ephemeris of the GCVS (may be late by 2 or 3 mn only).