GSC 318-805 / V551 Vir: a Blazhko star [Observed: 42 sessions from 2009 to 2015]
Photometric observations of the RR Lyrae star GSC 318-905/V551 Vir are presented and analyzed. They show a Blazhko modulation with a period of 53.9 days and evidence for irregularities. An animation showing the Blazhko modulation is presented.

RV Cet: a Blazhko pulsating star [Observed: 26 sessions in 2009-2011]
Photometry observations of this RRAB pulsating star are presented, with a GIF animation showing the Blazhko modulation.

1RXS J180834.7+101041: a new cataclysmic variable with a nearby RRAB variable [Observed: 2, 3, 5 Aug 2008]
Time-series for this recently discovered cataclysmic variable and for a nearby RR Lyrae variable are presented.

V1356 Aql mystery [Observed: 8, 12, 29 Aug 2005]
I observe flat light curves for this RR Lyrae star.

TV Lib: temperature and radius variations from photometry [Observations: 11, 13, 17, 18 March 2005]
Two-color time-series were obtained for this pulsating RR Lyrae star. The pulsation is too early when compared with the ephemeris. The temperature and the radius variations are computed from different models.