MBCAA Observatory

WX Cet outburst

Observations: 10, 11, 12, 13 Dec 2004

Michel Bonnardeau
11 Dec 2004
Updated: 12, 13, 14 Dec 2004
Revised: 15 January 2005


On Dec 10, 2004 I discovered the UG dwarf nova WX Cet as being unusually bright. Light curves follow.


Actually, this is a rediscovery: see the AAVSO-discussion group, P. Schmeer, 6 Dec 2004.

The observations were carried out with a 203 mm SC telescope fitted with a SBIG ST7E camera (KAF401E CCD) and a Clear filter. 521 images were obtained in 4observing sessions on 10, 11, 12, 13 December 2004. Each exposure is 1-minute long.

For the differential photometry, the comparison star is LONEOS WX Cet 1 with an assumed unfiltered magnitude of 10.1. The check star is LONEOS WX_CET with a measured average magnitude of 11.358 and a standard deviation of 0.013.

The light curves:

Red: WX Cet; Green: check star. The error bars are +/- the 1-sigma statistical uncertainties. The magnitudes of the check star are shifted by +1 magnitude.
At the end of the session, WX Cet was very low over the horizon (air mass >3).
The average magnitude of WX Cet is 12.080.

The average magnitude of WX Cet is 12.205.

The magnitudes of the check star are shifted by +1.2 magnitude.
The average magnitude of WX Cet is 12.345.

The peak in the check star at 353.221 is due to a cosmic. The magnitudes are shifted by +1.3 magnitude.
The average magnitude of WX Cet is 12.513.


The light curves show 10 "humps" at:

HJD - 2453000 uncertainty
350.372 0.002
350.431 0.002
351.263 0.001
351.326 0.0025
352.221 0.003
352.275 0.001
352.336 0.003
353.230 0.002
353.285 0.002
353.350 0.004
There is also a systematic uncertainty of 80 seconds to be added.

Assuming they are periodic, a best fit gives the period P and the origin t0:

P = 1.522 h
t0 = 2,453,350.373 HJD

and the O - C diagram:


The period P = 1.52 h is significantly different from the period of 1.27 h referenced in Warner (2003).


B. Warner (2003) Cataclysmic Variable Stars, Cambridge University Press

Technical notes

Telescope and camera configuration.

Computer and software configuration.

Data submitted to the CBA by T. Krajci (CBA New Mexico).

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