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LQ Peg

Observed: 30 Sept, 10 Oct 2005

Michel Bonnardeau
2 Oct 2005
Updated: 11 Oct 2005


Light curves for this anti-dwarf nova are presented.


LQ Peg is a cataclysmic binary star, that is with an accreting white dwarf in a binary system. It is classified as being of the VY Scl type (anti-dwarf nova), with 3 observed fading episodes in 1966, 1999 and 2003.

It is also a CBA target for Oct 2005.


The observations were carried out with a 203 mm SC telescope, a Clear filter and a SBIG ST7E camera (KAF401E CCD). 176 images were obtained, each exposure being 1 mn long.

The comparison star is GSC 1128-00240 with an assumed unfiltered magnitude of 13.0. The check star is GSC 1128-00816 with an observed magnitude of 13.613 (standard deviation 0.042).

Resulting light curves:

Red: LQ Peg, Blue: the check star, shifted by +1.2 mag. The error bars are the +/-1-sigma uncertainties.

Technical notes

Telescope and camera configuration.

Computer and software configuration.

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