UX Mon: time keeping and modelling of a binary [Observed: 13 Dec 2007, 11-16, 18 Feb, 8, 13, 14 March, 1, 4, 25, 29]
Time series of this eclipsing binary system with extra variability are presented. The O-C analysis suggests the presence of a third star. The observations are modelled with BinaryMaker3 and parameters of the system are derived.

TX Mon: a Cepheid radius variations [Observed: 23 sessions from 29 Mar 2006 to 11 Mar 2007]
B,V photometry measurements of this Cepheid are presented. The distance, temperature and radius of this pulsating star are computed.

SZ Mon, the double pulsator [Observed: 35 sessions from 23 Dec 2005 to 11 Mar 2007]
Photometry of this pulsating supergiant star (33d period) are presented. The magnitudes are compared with published observations. The measurements are also corrected for a nearby star. Variations of the color, temperature, radius and luminosity are inferred.

W Vir: temperature, radius and radial velocity determinations from B, V photometry [Observed: 16 observing sessions from 27 April to 20 July 2005]
V and B magnitudes measurements are obtained for this Population II Cepheid pulsating star. They are used to compute the variations of temperature, radius and radial velocity. The results are compared with direct measurements from spectroscopy.

TV Lib: temperature and radius variations from photometry [Observations: 11, 13, 17, 18 March 2005]
Two-color time-series were obtained for this pulsating RR Lyrae star. The pulsation is too early when compared with the ephemeris. The temperature and the radius variations are computed from different models.