OV Boo rare outburst [Observed: 15, 16, 29 Mar, 7, 20 Apr 2017]
Time-series at the outburst of March-April 2017 are reported.

1RXS J180834.7+101041: a new cataclysmic variable with a nearby RRAB variable [Observed: 2, 3, 5 Aug 2008]
Time-series for this recently discovered cataclysmic variable and for a nearby RR Lyrae variable are presented.

HV Vir outburst [Observed: 14, 15 Feb 2008]
This UGWZ cataclysmic was reported as being in outburst. Time-series of the beginning of the outburst, showing double peaks, are reported.

CN Ori [Observations: 11, 14, 15 Jan 2005]
Light curves for this UGZ cataclysmic star are presented.

WX Cet outburst [Observations: 10, 11, 12, 13 Dec 2004]
On Dec 10, 2004 I discovered the UG dwarf nova WX Cet as being unusually bright. Light curves follow.

BF Eri flickering [Observations: October, November 2004]
The cataclysmic dwarf nova BF Eri is observed by differential photometry. The light curves are searched for periodicities.

17 Sept 2004: TY PsA superoutburst [Observations: Sept ,Oct 2004]
TY PsA was 4 magnitudes brighter than usual in September 2004.